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Home automation in Melbourne has gone to an entirely new level in recent times, and many homeowners are jumping on the trend to turn their homes into smart homes. With the capacity to almost any device to the internet for a more convenient and smooth experience, home automation is something you should look into to make the lives of your family comfortable while saving on your energy bill. In this guide, we discuss all home automation in Melbourne to give you a jump start. 

What is home automation?

The automatic and computerized control of various household features, activities, and appliances is referred to as “home automation.” In layman’s words, smart home automation gives you the ability to effortlessly control your home’s utilities and features via the internet, working along with other smart technologies. A network of WIFI connected hardware, appliances, sensors, controllers, actuators and software work together to enable automation in your home.

With this, you are no longer required to physically be there to switch on and off each appliance. Once you have implemented a home automation system in your house, no matter where you are, you can lock doors, turn off the heat, switch off lights and do more if you are connected to the internet.

Home automation in Melbourne

Home automation in Melbourne is a topic that is gaining popularity among the majority of homeowners. The attractive benefits that come with the technology have become a catalyst for this trend.

With the busy lifestyles of Melbourne people, many like to automate even the smallest tasks in their everyday life. An automated home provides the best solution for this as the technology enables homeowners to perform many actions with a click of a button or through a simple voice command.

Top 7 reasons to bring smart automation to your home

You could think of smart home automation as a cool way to keep up with the latest tech or an opportunity to show off some cool gadgets to your family and friends. But there are many benefits that come with such technology. This includes.

Remote access

Enables remotely control functions and appliances in your home through any smart device, which includes laptops, tablets, or smartphones. This means even if you are a thousand miles away you can control functions in your home in real-time.

Next level comfort

Automation is a synonym for making people’s lives easy. The convenience and the comfort it can add to any home are enormous. Think about a home that offers the perfect temperature at all times and automatically adjusts the brightness of lights based on the time of the day. These are only a few functions that you don’t have to worry about monitoring and manually managing ever again.

Appliance management was brought to one place

Being able to integrate all of your house’s equipment through a single interface is one of the major benefits of home automation. With this, you don’t have to worry about constantly monitoring and managing the plethora of features and gadgets you have in your home individually. This also can help you easily use new functionalities, which can come in handy for users who are not that tech-savvy. 

Peace of mind

How often have you worried all day long as you were unsure if you locked the front door or the garage door before you left?  A good home automation solution in Melbourne will ensure more peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry about such small stuff and call the neighbours to check on the issue. No matter where you are controlling home functions is only your smart device away with the technology.

Increased safety

When it comes to security and surveillance functions, a smart home brings you many opportunities to integrate high tech security features for increased home security. From surveillance cameras, smart fire detectors, carbon monoxide monitors, link motion detectors, automated door locks, to many other security measures, there are many options to choose from. The best part is that you get to monitor any activity or disturbances in real-time, no matter where you are.

Make your life better

Another important that comes with smart homes is improved appliance functionality. From discovering your favourite TV channels and programs, finding the best music to entertaining your guest, to making sure your cooking appliances help you to get perfectly cooked food every time the technology brings different appliances’ performance to their optimal level.

Saves Energy

Home automation is a life saver for those who are worried about their power consumption and the carbon footprint that they leave on the planet. The system will automatically turn off and adjust appliances and other home functions based on time of day and set requirements reducing your energy bill significantly. 

Ways to implement home automation in 2022

There are many home automation systems that you can implement in your home in 2022. However, selecting the right system based on your requirements and lifestyle needs is the key to getting the most out of your investment. Here are a few popular automation systems for your smart home.

  • Keyless entry system
  • Appliance control
  • Thermostat control
  • Alarm systems
  • Real-time text and email alerts
  • Fire and carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Remote lighting control
  • Home automation security systems and cameras
  • Live video surveillance system
  • Digital personal assistant integration
  • Voice-activated control

Basic home automation technologies

Mainly, there are 2 types of technologies used in smart home systems that you need to be familiar with. They are powerline and RF.

Devices powered by a powerline communicate with other automation gadgets in your home through home electrical wiring. On the other hand, a device operated by RF technology works on radio frequencies; thus no need for wires to connect to your system. The technology is relatively new however, known to be more efficient than powerline technology. Often most smart home systems are either Powerline, RF or a hybrid of both. However, if you want to connect powerline systems with wireless products, you can use a bridge device.

Implementing your home automation system in Melbourne

When there are so many options out there, deciding on where to begin on your home automation system might make you feel anxious. Most homeowners get caught up in all the coolness of smart home gadgets and might find it difficult to choose what their home needs the most. On the other hand, complexities in technologies, their compatibility with the future products you wish to integrate into your system and product’s ability to evolve with future technologies might confuse you even more. Your budget might be another aspect that might overwhelm you during the process, as you want to make sure you are getting the best system for your hard-earned money.

This is where our team of experts in home automation in Melbourne comes to the scene. With over 10 years of experience we deliver cutting-edge smart home solutions all across Australia. With our expertise, we will help you select the right products and technologies for your home and your requirements while making sure everything is under your budget. Keeping in mind the flexibility, scalability and security of your system, we ensure a fast and hassle-free service that would exceed your expectations. We offer a range of services, thus delivering an end-to-end home automation solution under one roof while guiding you throughout the process to help you make the best decisions. Learn more about our services.













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