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With the combined knowledge and expertise of a fully diverse team of network support technicians, Connect I.T. can analyse and identify your specific information technology business needs to design and implement a Network Infrastructure that meets your business goals. 

The Benefits of Computer Networks

A well-designed and implemented computer network can provide a positive contribution to your company’s bottom line, staff efficiency, productivity and overall process and procedure control. How does it achieve all this? By facilitating connectivity and sharing.

Simply speaking, networks connect computers – and thus, also, their users. This allows easy sharing of information and resources which is so essential in modern business. Networks help you manage and share data. The internet can also be shared and access to work information becomes flexible, allowing workers to enter it remotely or from any computer in the office. Such capabilities can boost communication, increase productivity and cut costs in software.

As IT networks are vital for modern business practices, so is professional IT network support to keep your system in optimal working condition.

Expert Project Managers

Our networking services in melbourne are handled by a qualified project manager who will handle the Network implementation from start to finish. This involves every part of the process, including:

Our project managers are qualified industry professionals, each with years of experience in the industry. You can be confident that your networking needs will be taken care of with knowledge and professionalism when placing your project in their hands.

Comprehensive Networking Services in Melbourne

All networking services are available within Connect I.T, starting from from hardware procurement, data cabling, configuration and going right through to ongoing maintenance and support. Connect I.T.’s network support technicians can design, deliver and maintain your network all under one roof.

Our core networking services include:

  • Network & File Servers of either Windows or Mac, or a combination of both platforms.
  • Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 Small Business Server , Exchange 2003/2007 Email servers,
  • Blackberry Enterprise Solutions
  • Cisco LAN/WAN & VoIP Solutions
  • Wireless Networks (LAN/WAN)
  • Virtual Private Networks & Terminal Servers for Secure Remote login.
  • Advice on suitable Networking hardware for your IT network
  • Data Recovery & Backup solutions (Networked & USB)
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Access to a terminal solution, which is VPN secure,
  • Complete data backups and recovery service.

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