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  • Asset efficiency, driving down costs
  • Increased staff productivity and well-being, improving revenue
  • Creation ofa rich data asset
  • Reduction in customer effort, increasing customer satisfaction & revenue
  • New customer experiences
  • Intelligence with data-driven decision making & actions
  • Improvedaccuracy, safety and compliance
  • Speed to innovate
IOT Solutions & Services

IoT transforming customer experiences.

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IoT Solutions

IoT Mobile Apps

Promising you world-class IoT solutions from prototyping to product development

Connect IT is known for its specialisation in the development of IoT mobile apps across iOS, Android and other hybrid applications. Our experts develop these smart apps in an extremely high velocity environment, using the best IoT solutions and market practices like scrum and agile.

IoT development can revolutionise the way you interact and develop your business. From helping you generate new revenue streams, to delivering the best customer experiences and ensuring process efficiencies and increasing productivity, Connect IT designs mobile apps that enable every business to get the most out of their processes and efforts.

Choose Connect IT’s IoT mobile apps to:

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Simplify processes
  • Customise and personalise user experience
  • Generate and analyse user data to understand consumer behaviour
  • Take an integrated and compatible approach to connectivity


Feature-Rich IoT Applications

Revolutionise user experience by personalising it

IoT applications are known for changing the way in which you let your customers connect. Personalising user experience is just one of the features of feature-rich IoT applications. As an IoT development company, Connect IT specialises in bringing to you feature-rich IoT solutions that can help you transform your business operations through an IoT platform:

  • Explore new potentials in the market by having your hands on the right insights
  • Reach and interact with an wider audience using a single platform
  • Make processes efficient
  • Reduces human resource costs
  • Increase efficiencies of services
  • Streamline numerous processes and centralise controls
  • Enable customers to interact more with your products and services
  • Collect customer data and analyse it to make decisions about the future

At Connect IT, we bring together the best practices, enterprise IoT technologies and expert architectures to develop different endpoints, such as back-end systems, customer experience and data. We can help you implement applications that complement your strategies so that you can evaluate pain areas – simply let us come up with best IoT solutions. We also offer cloud computing and cloud optimisation so that you’ve a one-stop solution for all your migration and optimisation needs.

IoT Gateways, Modules and MCUs

Helping you simplify and accelerate your digital transformation

As a trusted IoT solutions company, Connect IT helps you to tackle the challenges inherent in edge computers by delivering AI and security. In an IoT system, every gateway is different, requiring different connection methodologies and protocols. These are crucial, as they are responsible for critical functions like application code, security and data filtering. Connect IT’s deep experience in IoT security solutions and hardware enables you to connect easily and securely to the cloud, using smart IoT gateways that provide data intelligence, versatile connectivity, a wide range of 4.0 applications, and reduced cost for bandwidth.

Our comprehensive and pre-integrated solutions with fully documented support bring to you:

  • Seamless wireless connectivity
  • Smartphone app
  • NFC commissioning
  • Secure communication and network connectivity
  • Cloud enabled services

MCUs are important for any IoT platform to ensure functionality and increase efficiency across a number of verticals. Connect IT’s wireless modules offer cellular modules as well as hybrid ones, which support more than one communication standard. We also have expertise in house to help you choose the best MCU and module, plus we take care of regulatory requirements and network certification so that you can focus on your core business. Need help? We also offer IoT consulting services, and we’re just a call away!

Industry 4.0

Sign up for the upcoming industry revolution by switching to sustainable solutions

At Connect IT, we believe that communication, interaction and connectivity have the power to revolutionise efficiency and productivity in the modern world. That’s why we connect things to one singular IoT platform, allowing you to enjoy maximised machine performance, improved operational efficiency, seamless information flow and production, prevention of equipment inefficiencies and failures, elimination of down time and cutting down on costly repairs.

Unless you have the real insights into your company data and the right equipment to uncover those insights, you might not be in a position to optimise your business to reflect your goals and revenue needs. That’s why Connect IT ensures real-time visibility and monitoring of all that’s going on in your business operations. You need feature-rich IoT solutions that simplify the ways in which you develop your business.

Our industrial IoT solutions for Industry 4.0 include:

  • Real-time machine monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Collection of motion studies and data
  • Monitoring and maintenance of production line
  • Enhanced supply chain visibility
  • Automated solutions for supply chains
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance

Connect Solutions for Devices and Products

IoT’s enabling technology helps you make your innovative ideas into real initiatives

When you have the right IoT platform, you can leverage the benefits of cloud computing services and enable distribution of data across systems on the cloud or on-premise. Connect IT’s scalable and flexible connect IoT solutions enable mass distribution that’s seamless but not without adhering to connectivity protocols and robust security features.

We offer:

  • Simplified cross-device communication across all devices
  • Real-time monitoring of devices and set-up
  • Convenient configuration for remote access and maintenance
  • Multi-factor authentication enables advanced security
  • Connection with an unlimited range of things
  • Data visualisation enabled by connectors
  • Instant notifications on your devices

For further information on our available IoT solutions and how we can help you with IoT consulting services, IoT security solutions and more, contact Connect IT today.

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