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  • Asset efficiency, driving down costs
  • Increased staff productivity and well-being, improving revenue
  • Creation ofa rich data asset
  • Reduction in customer effort, increasing customer satisfaction & revenue
  • New customer experiences
  • Intelligence with data-driven decision making & actions
  • Improvedaccuracy, safety and compliance
  • Speed to innovate
IOT Solutions & Services

IoT transforming customer experiences.

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IOT Solutions & Services 2

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How We Can Help

If your business requires bespoke solutions and services for the IoT, Connect IT can provide what you need. Offering powerful IoT platforms, as well as expertise in strategy and ongoing management, we’re well situated to bring IoT to life. We see a thriving future for Australia and the world by connecting data, devices, people, processes and things to the internet. It helps people make better and more informed decisions and achieve the best possible outcomes, ultimately boosting Australia’s future success, productivity, competitiveness, jobs and economy. At Connect IT, our aim is to assist you in capitalising on what the internet has to offer with our range of IoT solutions and services.

The Benefits of IoT

The IoT, short for the Internet of Things, can help to create new revenue streams while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. Not only does it allow businesses to deliver differentiated services to meet evolving market needs, but it can also improve insights and help to help to optimise costs even in difficult market conditions.


IoT Solutions

If you’ve been told by other companies that your ideas are too big or impossible, we’re here to tell you otherwise. We can help you move past the proof of concept stage with the following services:

  • IoT mobile apps
  • Feature-rich IoT applications
  • IoT gateways, modules and MCUs
  • Industry 4.0
  • Connected solutions for devices and products
How it Works

IoT devices work with sensors, which help in leveraging the device interactivity for forming relevant data insights. IoT technology connects small objects with an active network for enhanced data collection and management.

For Connect IT, IoT is a combination and process we’re involved with that’s closely related to other services we offer in the home automation/smart home space. These technologies are all leading to the evolution of smart cities.

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