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Smart Home

Automation Systems for Sophisticated Homes and Offices

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Light Switch Replacement – Up to 3

Smart Light Switch Installation

Smart Lock Installation

Smart Light Switch Installation

Smart Lock Installation

Home Automation in Melbourne

Experience fine living at your fingertips

Connect IT lets you orchestrate all your electronics so that they can be operated and controlled virtually, whether from the other room or the other end of the world. The essence of smart living is to monitor and regulate air conditioning, ventilation, heating and often lighting. At Connect IT, we offer a range of simple yet sophisticated monitoring routines for home automation in Melbourne to help you experience the comfort and convenience of life at home with minimum effort. Reduce unnecessary use of energy and conform to carbon reduction policies with home automation security and other systems custom designed for your home.

  • Not home to receive a parcel delivery? Allow your video doorbell to let the parcel be placed inside and locked up after.
  • Rushing out the door? Have a button switch off all lights, close binds and regulate temperature.
  • Forgot to close a door? Smart switches have already taken care of it.
  • Need the home warmed up before you enter on a cold night? Your smart home in Melbourne lets you do it while you’re on the way so that you step into a warm home.

From heating to cooling, safety to privacy, lighting to temperature controls and much more, discover the available comfort control solutions from Connect IT. Our home automation installers in Melbourne can provide easy installation for your home or office with 24×7 support, all at the best prices.

Home Network

Stay connected in today’s fast world

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to implement a Wi-Fi network for you that performs at its best even on the bad days. At Connect IT, we understand that any smart home in Melbourne is incomplete without a fast, reliable and stable home network.
No matter how small or big your network needs are, our expert technicians can ensure seamless connectivity on all your devices. From residential to commercial networking solutions, we offer easy installation and round the clock maintenance. Under home networks, we can assist you with:

  • Wi-Fi extenders and data points
  • Home automation in Melbourne
  • Optic fibre
  • CAT5 cabling
  • CAT6 cabling
  • Office and commercial fit-outs
  • Audio visual fit-outs



Let there be light: and there was light” with a single click!

Shift to smart home lights and smart switches that mean you’ll never be kept up at night again. You can:

  • Change lights with a click
  • Set timers to switch on lights when you’re away
  • Activate all sorts of complicate lighting scenes
  • Create ambience

All of the above and more can be achieved with your smart phone. Not only can you increase the liveability and comfort of your home, but you can also reduce your energy bills significantly. As one of the leading home automation companies, Connect IT offers the best home automation lighting systems tailor designed for your home. Whether you need our experts to manage your existing lighting automation system or install your first one, call us for a free consultation.

Audio Visual

Switch to smarter audio visual solutions for your home or office and redefine luxurious living

Whether you want music in your entire house or just in the party corner, or a little here, there or just about everywhere, Connect IT offers options that are endless. Discover home automation in Melbourne that lets you enjoy a multi-zoned audio system to entertain guests or convert your meeting room to suit advanced conferencing needs. At Connect IT, we ensure quality residential and commercial solutions that are custom designed as per your needs and budget. The most high-end audio visual solutions brought to you by Connect IT include:

  • Easy installation and set-up of basic AV equipment
  • Smart installation of high-end audio visual systems
  • Boardroom AV installations and advanced conferencing
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • AV wall installations
  • Surround sound and other audio equipment installation
  • Ceiling mounted projects and automated screens

Communication Systems

Let your home say a lot without you saying anything at all

Let someone in your home while you’re away, answer the door without having to walk over, or communicate effectively inside a large home with a communication system integrated to redefine comfortable living. The right intercom systems can add convenience and security to your living spaces no matter how big or small your house is.

Connect IT’s smart home set up is designed and implemented specifically for your home, and no matter how simple or sophisticated the systems, we offer personalised training so that you can take control of everything right after configuration. If you want to be a step ahead, we additionally offer real time monitoring when issues arise.

Why Choose Us for Home Automation in Melbourne?

  • We’ll stick around until you have a good hold of the complicated systems, so that you can learn at your own pace.
  • We offer round the clock maintenance and a guaranteed workmanship for a year
  • We offer real time monitoring to see you through
  • We design and implement intelligent solutions suitable for your smart home in Melbourne, keeping in mind your priorities!


Prevention is better than cure. Secure your bases and live in peace

Putting a price on the safety of your loved ones or your workspace can be difficult. At Connect IT, we understand this. That’s why we let you opt for the best home automation security solutions at the most affordable prices. Ensuring your home is protected from unwanted intrusions or criminals is crucial, but our intelligent systems do much more!

  • Install motion sensors around your home that detect intruders, even when you’re away
  • Arm your security solutions with keypads
  • Receive a notification when your child gets home from school
  • Switch on lights to get to the fridge for that midnight snack

Connect IT brings to you security options that are endless: Enjoy a secured living space, but also fine tune comfort and convenience into your regular lifestyle. Have CCTV cameras that let you keep an eye on your children while you’re away, or have a quick look at your lawn if you hear noises, and save and record these footages to get to the bottom of important security concerns as well as to see who pushed who into the pool! Enjoy the smartest access controls that alert you not only when intruders come knocking, but also friends and family. Let them in while you’re out shopping, and play some music so that they don’t have to be bored waiting until you get home.

Life can be unfair, but it doesn’t have to be hard! Call the leading home automation installers in Melbourne today for easy smart home installation.


Get in touch with our home automation installers in Melbourne today to get the ball rolling on your new smart home. We can help you incorporate the latest technologies and smart home solutions for an automation system that’s second to none. Call us now on 1300 135 515 or enquire online.

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