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Voice Telephony Services

Increase the power of your IP based telephony system at an affordable price. Connect IT can provide support to lower your communication costs and increase your phone system functionality. Cloud technology provides seamless integration with your business and reduces upfront costs. Ongoing running costs are also much lower due to your business not having to utilise on site IT personal or regularly upgrade telephone equipment. Find out how our voice telephony services can help you today.

What is IP Telephony?

IP based telephony, also known as a VoIP telephony system, uses the Internet as a medium of communication. Essentially, it’s a form of data communication in which voice, fax, or digital information is transmitted over the Internet. It offers key features such as unlimited voice mail, the ability to send email and other data, text chat, video calls, low-cost land line and cellular calls, low-cost fax transmissions, and the ability to block unwanted calls.

What We Provide

Connect IT can help you get the best VoIP telephony system and setup for your business. Our team are highly trained in technical and practical applications of VoIP phones. We also offer hosted services that can be tailored to your business, as well as providing additional voice telephony services like IT helpdesk and scalability planning for your future needs.

Here are just a few benefits of choosing an IP based telephony system from Connect IT:

  • Ability to integrate to your existing IP phone system
  • Reduce ongoing communication costs
  • Lessen upfront costs
  • Excellent service delivery and ongoing IT help support
  • Tailored range of services
  • Guaranteed uptime

Benefit from Our Voice Telephony Services Today

To learn more about our available voice telephony services or enquire about setup of a VoIP telephony system, get in touch with our experts today. Call us on 1300 135 515 or contact us online to receive a prompt response.






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