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  • Prompt and professional services
  • Peace of mind knowing your data is safely backed up
  • Data recovery from a range of hard drive types
  • High success rate of recovering data
  • No Data, No Charge Policy means you don’t pay if your data is unrecoverable

Connect IT can implement data backup systems as well as assist with recovery from data loss.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Private Cloud

Cloud computing has become an integral part of all organisations today irrespective of their size or nature. When these cloud computing services are rendered through an internal network or the internet only to a limited bandwidth of users, it is termed as ‘private cloud. Private cloud isn’t available to the public on the whole. In this unique set up, the cloud software is organised and kept running by the internal IT specialists of a firm.

There are key benefits that a private cloud environment renders – a greater deal of flexibility to the organisation, convenient online backup services, as well as enhanced safety and control. A private cloud solution, when managed ideally, can also help cut down on expenses.

Companies that should go for the private cloud strategy include large firms that have the resources to dedicate a team for managing cloud environments privately, companies that have a set amount of workload on a day to day basis and companies that operate in regulated sectors. Big names like IBM and Dell use private cloud infrastructures for data back up recovery.

Public Cloud

This is the most commonly adopted form of cloud computing across companies. To put it simply, in a public cloud framework, a service provider renders benefits to the general public via the internet. These benefits can include cloud backup storage space and virtual machines. In the public cloud environment, all users share the same storage spaces and hardware. Thus you’re sharing resources with other organisations signed up with your public cloud infrastructure.

An example of a public cloud is Microsoft Azure – a name that mostly all are aware of in today’s tech-oriented world. The key benefit of public cloud is that here, you’re not responsible for managing the cloud hosting. It is the go-to-solution for all small and many mid-sized businesses.

A big part of cloud computing is careful analysis and planning. At Connect IT, we uphold the above at all times and enable your business to grow by:

  • Securing your network before moving to the cloud and ensuring a suitable structure to safeguard all the crucial data assets of your business
  • Strategising the most sophisticated cloud solutions that are ideal for your business goals
  • Furnishing a team of cloud experts at your disposal who can carry out proper cloud assessment and migration planning
  • Examining your firm’s IT environment
  • Giving key inputs to optimise your IT frameworks.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Digital cloud backup protects your most important files with maximum safety

Understanding Cloud Backup:

Isn’t data everything in today’s world? Cloud offsite backup is used to store, view, transfer and recover your data at any time and from literally anywhere.

We render cloud-based backup solutions wherein your files are stored at an offsite location and hence are more secure than local backup.

Connect IT will help you figure out:

  • If a private online backup is ideal for you. This is the most customised form of our cloud backup services, where only those with permissions can access your data.
  • If public online backup will be a better call. This doesn’t need enhanced security initiatives. Therefore public backup is the preferred choice for those who want to refrain from too many administrative controls.
  • If hybrid cloud backup is the perfect solution. Having a bit of both – public and private backup features – this is often taken as the ideal pick for most organisations.

All in all, we can design the perfect cloud backup storage strategy for your business and provide one-click, agile and affordable options that enable you to access all your backed up files anytime and anywhere. We also manage incremental backups and automated backup scheduling so that you can focus on doing more important business functions with your time.

Disaster recovery is nothing like how it used to be. Traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions have long gone, and today the tools are incredibly more reliable. The key factor to always consider is what would be your recovery time in case of a disaster?

Connect IT follows a layered approach to provide a holistic mix of data back up services and disaster recovery, from hardware rentals to data backups and configurations.

Cloud Infrastructure

Build cutting-edge infrastructures to leverage on cloud and take your business to the next level

To build better products and services, add more value for your customers and drive innovation, you need the ideal cloud infrastructure. Planning and adopting the right infrastructure requires specialised knowledge, which is where our cloud experts come to the rescue.

What is Cloud Infrastructure? – It is a term used for a collection of elements needed for cloud computing. There are varied components, such as computing power, hardware, virtualised resources, cloud backup storage and network sources that together come to play.

What Kind of Infrastructure is Ideal for the Cloud? – We look at building scalable, agile, flexible and expense-reducing IT environments to enable our clients to do even better business. For this, cloud infrastructure specialists take a comprehensive approach while building up the framework.

In a cloud infrastructure, your company will get computing facilities only when it is required. i.e. on-demand. This is a game-changing benefit that enables your workforce to have more flexible communication and customer service.

Moreover, there are many highly successful cloud solution providers today – Amazon Web, IBM Cloud, Azure, etc. Taking the right pick from these options is crucial. Our team of cloud maestros at Connect IT can help you decide correctly and deploy the most suitable infrastructure for backup and recovery as per your requirements. Providers we partner with include:


So Where Does Connect IT Come In?

  • Our diverse team enables companies to plan ideally for infrastructure across all sorts of cloud environments (private, public and multi-cloud)
  • We have special infrastructure experts dedicated to only Amazon Web services or Azure or Google cloud
  • We identify the ideal infrastructure strategy and data back up services for your firm
  • We envision the reference architecture and the execution methodologies
  • We enlist what technologies would maximise your gains (automation or Cloud OS, for instance)
  • We chalk out ways to transition an ordinary infrastructure to a cloud-optimised format


If you need assistance with data backup to prevent data loss, or data restoration after a virus or other technical issue has occurred, call us now for a free, no obligation quote on 1300 135 515. You can also leave us your details in the form below and we can give you a call at a time that suits you.

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