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Data Recovery & Backup Services Melbourne, Victoria

Connect I.T. are highly specialised and qualified in Professional Data Recovery specialist in melbourne. We have a great deal of experience in providing recovery services for a diverse range of clients, whether they are individuals or small to large businesses.

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  • Is your hard drive making any peculiar noises, clunking, ticking, grinding, scraping?
  • Spinning disc unable to read data?
  • Not detecting in BIOS?
  • When you turn on your PC do you see, NO HDD OR MEDIA DETECTED?
  • Is your USB or Portable Drive not detecting?
  • Is the hard drive detecting but not accessing data?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: hopefully at this stage you have not attempted any DIY data recovery. If you have, don’t worry, there is still a chance our specialists can recover your data – but it’s easier to retrieve if there hasn’t been any prior interference.

At this point we recommend to:

  • Turn off the media/device where you believe the data has been lost .i.e. PC, storage device, server, flash drive etc.
  • Do not attempt to recover data using third party utilities bought off the internet, especially if your hard drive is making loud, strange clunking, clinking or grinding noises.
  • Call our expert technicians for the next best move and avoid any further serious loss.
  • Every step is crucial from here on. DO NOT RISK FURTHER IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE.
  • Power down the device and call our Expert Data Technicians.

Expert Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Connect I.T. offers data recovery specialist services for almost all removable and non-removable media and a variety of old and new operating systems. Our services are available to commercial, non-commercial and government customers in the Melbourne area.

We perform recovery from the following hard drive media:

  • IDE/EIDE/ATA Hard Drives (1.8”, 2.5”, 3.5” and ZIF Interfaces)
  • SATA Hard Drives (2.5” and 3.5” Interfaces)
  • Micro SATA Hard Drives (1.8″Interfaces)
  • SCSI Hard Disk Drives
  • Fibre Channel Hard Drives
  • USB Drives, Flash Drives, Memory Cards
  • iPhone or Smart Phone
  • All file formats
  • Tape or Floppy Drives

Why Choose Connect I.T. for Data Recovery?

As a leading IT specialist, Connect I.T. has 15 years’ plus experience in data recovery services amongst various other fields. Most importantly, we treat your data like it was our own. Connect I.T. has one of the Best Data Restoration Service Centres in Australia. To date we have had several data companies relay their tasks or jobs back to us due to pure inability to retrieve data the way our Data Centres can.

Our Data Centres Have:

  • Very High Success rates in retrieving data from various media devices.
  • No Data No Charge Policy – if we cannot recover your data we will not charge you.
  • We can provide a list of what can be recovered if we can see the missing data.
  • ONSITE Class 100 Clean Room – This means we provide the safest and cleanest environment to secure your data and increase chance of recovery.
  • Free quote and inspection
  • Your data remains confidential and safe
  • Provide a Fixed Price Recovery
  • Prompt and Professional Service comes with our Team of Experts.

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