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Access Control Systems in Melbourne

Settle for nothing less than complete control, no matter the distance

A business premise should come off as open and welcoming. A smart system for access control in Melbourne lets you have that while maximising protection for your assets and the safety of your staff against unauthorised and unwanted invaders. Your access management system does way more than simply locking doors and unlocking them:

  • Connect IT brings to you commercial access control systems that are robust, powerful and ensure real time information and protection.
  • Often combined with CCTV cameras and intercom facilities, they help identify as well as manage the movement of people, goods and vehicles, so that you can also restrict access within your premises.
  • To deny authorisation to unwanted visitors, switch to a full-proof system that uses cards, biometrics, pin codes and fobs.

Connect IT’s swipe card door entry systems and other access control solutions ensure security of people and critical information while reducing the chances of exposure to intrusions and crimes. We combine strict security, open access and innovative cutting-edge technology to bring you scalable and flexible smart solutions.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Different roles. Different rights. But the same peak performance.

All companies have information that’s critical and sensitive. If you put it within chains, your company would come to a screeching halt. But if you provide open access to everyone, security issues will bring you down.

Opt for role based access control (RBAC) where you only grant access to those who require it, while refusing it to those who don’t. Changes in permissions can be altered quickly by altering access and roles of your company staff.

Our experts create access control systems in Melbourne that are straightforward yet sophisticated by:

  • Determining the right inventory for your system
  • Identifying job roles and permissions based on them
  • Strategising a timeline
  • Taking feedback into account
  • Collaborating with departments often
  • Implementing the network and troubleshooting

Complying with RBAC principles is also necessary, as it’s considered industry consensus standard. Connect IT designs, implements and strategises the best RBAC solutions for your company. It simplifies processes and makes the entire system centralised while streamlining responsibilities and roles.

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Authorise, authenticate and audit: Redefine access and maximise protection

The gold standard to swear by for computer security necessitates that authorisation, audit and authentication are mechanisms a company shouldn’t do without. In a Discretionary Access Control (DAC), each user must control access to one’s own data, meaning settings and permissions are left to the owner’s discretion. Two forms of DAC are available: the first is UNIX permission bits, which allow the owner to read, write and execute protective measures, and DAC protection can be overridden only by a root user. The second is access control lists (ACLs), where owners can specific a dynamic and separate range of permissions for a specific set of people or groups.

To maximise productivity and security, while lessening hassle, Connect IT’s DAC ensures:

  • Flexible access control in Melbourne that allows for individual customisations
  • Ease of control in determining entry to a centralised system
  • Scheduled backups
  • No complexity in the management of resources

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

Enjoy elevated emphasis on data protection with security systems that are multilateral and multilevel

Some businesses need higher levels of security, integrity and confidentiality due to the data they deal with being overly sensitive and critical. A Mandatory Access Control (MAC) classifies all the end users and gives them labels that grants them access within standard protocol and established safety guidelines. A MAC system lets owners have no say in determining which entities have access and which do not. They only enjoy management of access controls.

Connect IT provides scalable and intelligent security solutions that are on par with your business goals and future strategies. We can also provide immediate troubleshooting for swipe card access systems and other access control systems with assured support.

The two forms of MAC brought to you by Connect IT include:

  • Multilateral security systems: A horizontal security system that has vertical security levels under its wings, where access is granted on the basis of segments and groups
  • Multilevel systems: A vertical security system where information can move within simpler structures and users are granted particular security levels

To learn more about our available access control systems in Melbourne, contact the experts at Connect IT today.






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