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Exchange 2003 upgrade options

Exchange 2003 upgrade options

Microsoft will end Exchange Server 2003 extended support on April 8, 2014 and similar products. What does that mean for your business?
No Security updates or Patches which will open exchange 2003 open to attacks which Microsoft will not provide a fix for and a bunch of issues which you will face when the day comes and wish that you had upgraded earlier.

The Bad News

There is no direct upgrade path available from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2013.

The Good News

The organizations running Exchange 2003 can upgrade to Exchange 2010 and that’s where Connect IT can help you in this process.
Another reason for upgrading is the limitation of Exchange 2003 to work with Outlook 2013. You can no longer purchase Office 2010 and if you have Exchange 2003 in your environment, you will not be able to use Outlook 2013.
Due to the process and the number of steps involved in Exchange Migration it is always recommended to beginning the process while there is time so that the process can be properly planned. Microsoft has also provided Exchange Server Deployment Assistant to give an idea of what is involved.

Connect IT recommendation:

Since there is no upgrade path for exchange 2003 to exchange 2013, Connect it recommends upgrade to Exchange 2010 first and then propose another business plan to upgrade to the new exchange version in a couple of years’ time.
Or as Microsoft calls it Dual-Hop approach.
According to Microsoft proposed upgrade plan the process involved upgrading your Active Directories Internet facing

How can Connect IT Help you and your business:

Connect it is certified Microsoft partner who proudly has a team of Microsoft Certified Network Experts who specialize in Microsoft Technologies and have dedicated teams who perform Exchange and Server migrations.
Give us a call to discuss your options and let connect it propose a business plan which will save you time and money.

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