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CCTV, Alarms & Access Control Security Systems Melbourne, Victoria

Connect IT is an established leader in the field of access control, security management and automation systems. With other 20 Years’ experience in CCTV, Access Controls and Alarms, Connect IT have covered from the smallest to the biggest projects within a diverse range of required fields.

Our expert certified Security Cameras & alarm installers, cable technicians, experienced in-house project managers, security consultants and skilled in-house design engineers can help you to select the best possible solution for your business. Importantly, we do not rely on other third party companies in the procurement of our services. We are experts in providing web enabled surveillance solutions to your business that you can watch over the internet. Our system can cover from one to multiple sites like factories, warehouses, offices or stores – anytime, anywhere in the world.

We provide bundled surveillance solutions which are completely scalable to suit your company’s specific needs and requirements. When you bear in mind we can also integrate our technology with your existing security systems, you have a very versatile and affordable solution.

Access Control

We offer a variety of access control choices for your business. They range from simple, time-tested options to more complex and more secure alternatives. Our range of products extends from single door access control to integrated systems capable of managing numerous points of entry and alarm monitoring points in vast locations.

Connect IT is committed to continually providing state-of-the-art technology and providing our clients with complete system solutions for access control needs. With a strong team of technical and network engineers, no project is too small or big.


Security is an issue with any business or home- Not only with threats from outside the premises, but also internal threats. Connect IT also understands the importance of security surveillance within your premises for insurance purposes as well. Insurance companies look highly video surveillance to help determine insurance claims. Connect IT not only provides a customised suite of video surveillance and alarm packages to suit your business needs but also a maintenance plan to keep both hardware and software elements in-check and operational all the time.


Connect IT has been supplying and installing Alarm Systems including CCTV around Victoria for the last 20 Years. Connect IT understands the importance of alarms in your workplace and home premises. We also understand the importance of quality component and installation for the end users primary needs. It’s not just about making a sale, more so to provide a professional solution customised and tailored to every need. Security is an Art and requires careful planning and architecture, and that unique capacity allows us to integrate our technology with your existing security/surveillance systems.

We understand that each client has their own specific needs, whether it’s protecting your physical and intellectual property or your employees’ safety.

Therefore, feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Connect I.T. is a leading security company and integrator of electronic security surveillance systems. Signature Security’s experienced consultants and technicians are highly trained to confidently design, supply, install, commission, service, maintain, and monitor the most up to date systems on the market today.

Equipment manufacturing and alarm response services (patrols) are all outsourced. Connect I.T. will assist in obtaining an affordable provider for your monitoring needs, thus you have a selection of providers that best suits your needs and can offer the best response time for your area and business.

Connect I.T security systems are designed to offer different levels of protection:

  • burglary
  • theft and shop lifting
  • workcover claims
  • fire
  • medical and personal emergency

Flexible, customised electronic security solutions can be designed for specific residential, retail, commercial and industrial requirements. Absolute dedication to offering maximum protection is what sets us apart from our security company competitors. So what we offer our customers as a security company is much more than physical security, it is peace of mind.

Learn more about this leading security company, Connect I.T.’s range of Electronic Security or Alarm Monitoring

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