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Internal IT Department – The Potential Risks


Companies both large and small use outsourced IT support for a wide range of services, including network architecture design, enterprise cloud systems, and data backup.  The list goes on.  However when it comes to routine network maintenance and account management, some companies prefer to hire in-house.

An in-house solution is manageable for many companies, however as with all types of non-core labour, carries with it some risks and potential difficulties.  Fortunately, managed IT services in Melbourne are available, and can help in providing IT managed services support by reducing the following risks and operational challenges:

  • Employee departure:  An IT managed services contract can is focused on service delivery, rather than on placement of individuals.  If someone decides to suddenly change careers, you the business owner are not obligated to search for a replacement, as you would be with in-house IT management.  IT managed services in Melbourne can almost immediately appoint qualified individuals to oversee your network and ensure that operations continue running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Insufficient expertise:  Chances are good that without an IT managed services provider, you will eventually need an external consultant for specialty tasks or advanced network design.  More commonly, security is the one challenge which frequently requires specialized external support.  Part of the reason for that is simply, it is critically important for a business to protect themselves and their data.  Since security threats change and evolve so quickly, having access to an expert is imperative.  For this reason, managed IT security solutions are a vital part of a company’s network management structure.
  • Slow implementation:  Because a top IT managed services company has highly-experienced experts available, and in a wide range of IT disciplines, they are highly adept at putting together network solutions in very little time.  In-house staff must be flexible, however this flexibility may come at the price of time and efficiency, especially when new skills are required to meet the expanding challenges of advanced networking technology.
  • Lack of regulatory compliance:  Not only do companies need to know information technology, they also need to know the law.  As network technology becomes increasingly complex, so also do the applicable laws on holding financial and personal data.  Full service managed IT services providers are not only knowledgeable about relevant regulations, but they also can analyze your company’s specific situation and advise accordingly.  IT managed services pricing may include regulatory advisory as part of a service package, depending on your individual needs.
  • Unavailability:  Finally, one of the greatest benefits to contracting with a managed IT services provider is that you can get help any time you need it.  Not so with an in-house IT staff for most small companies.  While the IT guy may be on call, there is no guarantee he will call right back.  With a professional IT support company, that fear is right out the window.

While an in-house IT staff can offer some greater sense of control and convenience, perhaps the greatest advantage of having external IT support is that you can now focus on the core of your business, without having to worry about what’s happening at the IT help desk.

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